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For more than twenty years, Constructions H.L. Thériault Inc. has worked in the construction industry for the repair of massive structures and underground pipes for electrical and communication networks. The company was founded in April of 1987 by the family of M. Roger Thériault. Based at 104 Rue des Équipements in Rivière-du-Loup in 1991, Jean-Nil Thériault has directed operations since its inception. Among the achievements of Les constructions H.L. Thériault Inc. are unconventional forms of art work, installations of FRE supports and ducts under bridges, culverts and paths, unconventional excavation work and backfilling, demolition of existing concrete structures and the construction of sidewalks.

Constructions H.L. Thériault Inc. has specialized equipment for your excavation task and serves the entire East side of Quebec on the south and north shores of the Saint Lawrence River.


Marc and Jasmin Poirier, well known in the Lower St. Lawrence as the owners of RPF and Techéol Inc., make the acquisition of Constructions H.L. Thériault Inc.

Administrative offices and equipment are transferred to Sayabec.


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